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Important Questions To Ask Before Using a Black Car Service

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Important Questions To Ask Before Using a Black Car Service

Using a private car service is a vastly different experience from hailing a taxi; there are plenty of benefits to using a black car service to get you where you need to go. Before you get in the car, however, consider asking these important questions to learn more about the experience.

What Kind of Car Fits My Needs?

Are you traveling alone or with companions? How much luggage do you have? NYC Perfect Transport’s fleet features a wide variety of late-model black cars. A LUX sedan, for example, fits up to 3 passengers and 3 pieces of luggage. Meanwhile, a Luxury Sprinter can transport up to 14 passengers and 18 pieces of luggage in executive style.

How Will I Meet My Driver?

In movies, you often see drivers at the gate holding signs bearing the passenger’s name. However, this is 2022—black car services and drivers are changing with the times.

When you book our private car service from LaGuardia Airport, your driver will text you when your plane reaches the gate. Respond when you’re ready, and we’ll help you coordinate a curbside pickup location. You can also Add-on Inside Meet & Greet service for certain terminals for an extra fee.

What is an Inside Meet & Greet Service?

This service is the best option for first time visiters to New York City airports. The assigned driver will be meeting you inside main terminal with a greeting sign and assist with carrying luggage and take the stress away of looking for your driver.

Is this Inside Meet & Greet service available for all airports and terminals?

Please read the following information for all major New York City airports information on inside service.

Internation Flights: All passengers must clear customs and collect luggage before meeting driver at the main terminal welcome center.

Domestic Flights: All passengers will be meeting driver at the baggage claim area.

JFK Airport.

  1. Terminal 1 & 2: Parking lot is currently under a major construction and the inside service is not available.

  2. Termianl 4: Inside service is available and recommended due to high volume of flights at terminal.

  3. Terminal 5: Inside service is not suggested due to a long walk back to the parking garage.

  4. Terminal 7: Inside service is available.

  5. Terminal 8: Inside service is available.

LaGuardia Airport.

  1. Terminal A: Inside service is available.

  2. Terminal B: Inside service is suggested due to curbside pickup restriction.

  3. Terminal C & D: Inside service is not available due to construction.

EWR Airport.

  1. Terminal A: Inside service is available.

  2. Terminal B: Inside service is available.

  3. Terminal C: Inside service is available.

Are the Cars Clean and Sanitary?

Rideshares and taxicabs may not take the time to clean their vehicle before picking up their next passenger. However, black car services are a more luxurious service, and our drivers treat the cars as such.

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet behind us. That’s why we sanitize our cars before picking up any passenger and why our drivers are all triple-vaccinated. When you step into a black car from NYC Perfect Transport, you know you won’t pick up anything a previous passenger left behind.

What Happens if My Flight Is Delayed?

A flight delay or cancellation doesn’t have to derail your transportation plans. A high-quality private car service will work with you to reschedule your ride with minimal fuss or provide a refund if necessary.

As you make your travel plans, don’t skimp on the transportation. Black car services offer a level of convenience and comfort that a cab simply can’t match. Before you book a black car service, ask these important questions to choose the right car for you.

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