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3 Ways To Stay Productive When Using a Private Car Service

3 Ways To Stay Productive When Using a Private Car Service

Commuting can be a stressful time on a business trip. You’re visiting new places and meeting new people in the hopes of making a deal or otherwise improving your business. And in between meetings, you’ve got a lot of travel time to contend with.

How can you make that travel time work for you? Look to the experts in business travel and hire a black car service. There are plenty of ways to stay productive while using a private car service; let’s look at three.

Coordinate With Your Driver

You’ll probably get to know your driver during your trip as you get in and out of the car multiple times per day. Talk to them about your itinerary and get a feel for how long each drive will be. Your driver will be familiar with the flow of city traffic and can give you an idea of how long you’ll be in the car for each trip.

When you’ve got a timetable in your head, you can plan your work accordingly. Going to be in the car for 45 minutes? Bring your laptop. Is it a short 10-minute trip? Check emails or listen to podcasts on your phone.

For Longer Rides: Focus on Strategizing

The back of a black car or limo is a perfect place to talk strategy, whether in person or over the phone. Think of it like sketching out your business plans, especially before an important meeting. Spend your pre-meeting time preparing for every possible outcome.


Our drivers at NYC Perfect Transport are the pinnacle of professionalism. There’s a divider between you and them; you won’t be getting any unsolicited business advice here!

For Shorter Rides: Focus on Self-Improvement

Say you’ve hired a driver to Newark Airport, and they inform you that it’ll take 15 minutes to get there from your current location. That’s not a lot of time—how can you make it work for you? Easy: load up your phone with some industry-related podcasts or TED Talks for listening on the go.

Keep your mind active during the drive, no matter how short. You’ve always got room to improve and learn more about your field.

It is possible to stay productive when using a black car service; all it takes is getting to know your driver and utilizing time management. Let every minute in the back of that private car work for you.

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